Edition of 1 is a web based project,

                                      a single edition artwork for you to have,

                                      a randomly appropriated image from the Internet.

                                      No two images are ever the same.

                                      Each image is digitally signed and dated.

                                      No money is involved

                                      Edition of 1 can be printed at home or at work

                                      You may print more than one artwork

                                      The artist has no control over what image becomes his artwork


Every time the page is visited or refreshed, the image is replaced with another random picture, cropped or stretched to fit the page.This allows for odd compositions, strong pixelations and abstract results.

Edition of 1 distorts the nature of the internet by displaying a random image rather than a searched result.It effectively makes the search engine and therefore most of the internet as we know it redundant.It questions the originality & value of art but also the entire process of art-production by erasing the need for the artist all together.

Edition of 1 is also available as a print for you to have for free. Your single edition will be dated, and electronically signed, ready to be printed in A4 landscape.

Edition of 1 was originally designed for the Wacky Backy archive of the The Two Jonny’s gallery, see links page.

Since then Edition of 1 has taken various forms and formats: a poster at Tate Modern and a two monitor installation at Gallop as a prize commission for Deptford X 2010, although the original concept is still active. The code than runs Edition of 1 was created by Yoav Aner, for more details about his complicated and creative work go to links page.

In June 2011, Edition of 1 was exhibited at the Foconorte Video Festival in Santander, Spain.

In February 2012 Edition of 1 was at Banner Repeater project space in London. For the duration of the exhibition, A3 Editions of 1 were printed and handed out for free.

at 10 Cazenove Rd 



Yoav Arner wrinting the code 


Art Licks mention 



poster at Tate Modern 



at Gallop for Deptford X